100 Slavic Novels with Suzana Tratnik in the Centre of St. Petersburg

100 Slavic Novels with Suzana Tratnik in the Centre of St. Petersburg

At the occasion of the St. Petersburg International Book Salon the Forum of Slavic Cultures opened the 100 Slavic Novels Exhibition while Slovenian writer Suzana Tratnik took care that Slovenian word could not only be seen but also heard at the city’s main avenue, Nevsky Prospekt.

»The Memorandum on co-operation signed with the Governor of St. Petersburg last December defined some of the concrete common activities. One of them is our participation at the International Book Salon,« said the Director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSC) Andreja Rihter, PhD, after the first presentation of the 100 Slavic Novels project in the Russian cultural capital. Mateja Jančar, Project Manager of the FSC publishing added that the Book Salon in St. Petersburg was special indeed, due to the fact that many events took place outdoors, in the streets, so that the books, writers, translators etc. were really in touch with people, also with tourists and passers-by. The presentation of Slovenian writer Suzana Tratnik, one of the authors from the Slovenian list of the 100 Slavic Novels series, and her reading with translation into Russian by Nadezhda Starikova and Zhanna Perkovskaya, at one of the venues, in the Writers’ Book Store at Nevsky Prospekt, got quite some attention. So did the inauguration of the 100 Slavic Novels exhibition, also on display at the elite location at Nevsky Prospekt, in the House of Journalists. The exhibition was inaugurated by Liubov Fedorova, Deputy Chairman of Press Committee of St. Petersburg, Irina Ivanova, Art-Director of the House of Journalists, Mateja Jančar on behalf of the FSC, and writer Suzana Tratnik who pointed out the importance of the series for the authors as a gate-opener to the Slavic world. Irina Ivanova said that the exhibition demonstrated, among others, also the space dimension of the series and enabled a special contact with authors, different Slavic languages and their similarities.

After its inauguration in the Unesco Palace in Paris, the 100 Slavic Novels exhibition was shown in Ljubljana, Radlje ob Dravi and in Vienna. The exhibition featuring 108 authors from 9 Slavic countries will stay in St. Petersburg until the beginning of June and in autumn it will be on display in the University Library in Bratislava and in Moscow during its international book fair.

Suzana Tratnik in St. Petersburg

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