Alexander Prokopiev’s The Peeper on Bookshelves Soon

The 100 Slavic Novels collection will soon reach a hundred published titles. The Slovenian translation of the Macedonian writer Aleksandar Prokopiev’s novel Dzirkačot (The Peeper), the 97th book in the collection, is coming to the bookshelves. The translation is by Robert Suša, with an afterword by Namita Subiotto.

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Paths, Ties, and Discoveries of Three Serbian Writers

The exhibition Paths, Ties, and Discoveries dedicated to three Serbian women writers Jelena Dimitrijević, Desanka Maksimović and Isidora Sekulić opened at the National Library of Serbia. Vladimir Pištalo, the director of the National Library of Serbia, Andreja Rihter, the president of the Women Writers Route Association, as well as Biljana Dojčinović and Mirjana Stanišić, the authors of the exhibition, spoke at the opening. The exhibition is open until 17 March 2023.

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Krleža at Villa Zlatica!

It was exactly one hundred years ago, in 1922, that Croatian novelist, playwright and poet Miroslav Krleža wrote the second part of his Glembay trilogy – In agony. The wounds of World War I had not yet healed and the old social orders were crumbling. A hundred years later we find ourselves in a similar predicament: fundamental social structures are changing irreversibly as age-old existential questions remain equally relevant.

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