Cooperation between FSK and EMA began in 2014 when has involved EMA in its training programmes and its Živa Award project. The contributions of EMA experts are indispensable in the courses of the The partnership between FSK and EMA is becoming more fruitful, as evidenced by
“In the annual programme of the EMA, the International Summer School of Museology has over the years become a point of reference for two main reasons: first, it covers with continuity a geo-cultural part of Europe (the Slav countries) essential for a comprehensive view of the European panorama of museums’ development, secondly, it fits very well with the other professional training activities of the Academy, especially with the Master Course of European Museology carried out by the IULM University of Milan under the auspices of the EMA.”

Massimo Negri, Scientific Director of EMA


2019 Ljubljana/Slovenia
European Museum Academy Conference and Awards 2019

In the year marking 15 years of its operation the FSK took its fruitful collaboration with the European Museum Academy, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, to another level by organising the international conference and award ceremonies for prestigious international awards ‒ the Luigi Micheletti Award for the most innovative museums focusing on contemporary history, industrial heritage and social change; the DASA Award for excellence in learning opportunities provided by museums, and the Heritage in Motion Award for creators and users of films, games, apps and websites on themes related to Europe’s heritage.




Searching for Excellence: EMA 2009-2019


  • Chief editor: Wim van der Weiden
  • Authors of texts: Wim van der Weiden, Massimo Negri, Andreja Rihter, Karl B. Murr, Henrik Zipsane
  • Photos: EMA Archive, FSK Archieve, Arno van Berge Henegouwen, Hannes Woidich, Esther Wagemans, Boris Pretnar
  • Design: Amadej Mravljak and Matija Kovač, zgradbazamisli
  • Published: 2019 in English

“All types of museum objects, including works of art, will be increasingly presented and interpreted within their social context. Art museums, the backward children of the museum family, will have to change more than most.”

Kenneth Hudson, Quotations from a private letter d. d. 06.03.1998

A Tiger in a Museum is not a Tiger: An anthology of the thoughts of Kenneth Hudson (1916-1999)

  • Compiled, edited and introduced by Massimo Negri, Ann Nicholls, Wim van der Weiden, Andreja Rihter
  • Photos: Matjaž Očko, Personal Archive
  • Design: Matija Kovač, zgradbazamisli
  • Published: 2017 in English

“The perfect museum has to be in the right place, on an agreeable site, easily reached by both public and private transport. Whatever its size, it would need to occupy a distinguished building, beautiful in itself, convenient and practical to work in, and capable of providing and encouraging a satisfying atmosphere for its visitors.”

From the book, p 11


FSK supported the Book Developing Exhibitions

The FSK supported the publication of the new book entitled Developing exhibitions: There is a method in this madness written by Dirk Houtgraaf and Massimo Negri, published by the European Museum Academy.

EMA Experts in Živa Award Jury


In the Jury of the Živa Award two judges are always experts from EMA.

FSK Co-organized the EMA Awards Ceremony in Ljubljana

International conference and Awards Ceremony of the EMA in 2019 was attended by more than 80 participants from 27 countries.


The European Museum Academy (EMA) is a non-profit Foundation established to reflect museums at the international level, to promote research on museography and museology as a high cultural activity, to provide constructive criticism and promote discussion on new exhibitions and museums, and to diffuse museological knowledge and ideas among members of the profession. It aims to promote the conception and development of new as well as of traditional museums as tools of social change. Thirty-seven countries are currently represented within the EMA organisation.

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