Stay Home – Stay Together Survey

Stay Home – Stay Together Survey Dear colleagues, We stay with you even when we are at home. In a slightly different everyday life, we want to stay close and to show to each other with photos, sound and live pictures how our everyday life is organized and how we view the future. Take a

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With Books around the Slavic World

At home without proper reading? Let us take you to the exciting literary journey with our 100 Slavic Novels series. Here is the first passage – Venko Andonovski’s Azbuka for the Insubordinate. Come along!

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Zagreb Cathedral Reconstruction already in Progress

Zagreb Cathedral Reconstruction already in Progress The new coronavirus pandemic has not spared any country in Europe. Covid-19 is spreading also in Croatia. But the disaster that occurred on March 22 brought another catastrophe – a 5.5 magnitude earthquake. Many downtown buildings, home to a number of important cultural institutions, were severely damaged. Museums, theatres,

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Let’s meet online!

To stay in touch with you and your audience, we invite you to share with us your contents (virtual, visual …) and links to them.

Together we are stronger and more accessible!

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The new Covid-19 coronavirus disease has severely affected the art and cultural sectors, and especially the heritage field. Cultural venues are closed, performances, festivals canceled, museum exhibitions are deserted …

Our mission is therefore very lively and present. Let’s step together, let’s communicate and be responsive!

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