Živa Award judges are back in action

Having prepared and announced the call for proposals for Živa 2022, the international panel of judges are back in action. Experts from Slavic countries and the European Museum Academy met at their regular meeting. The central point of discussion was the presentation of the Forum of Slavic Cultures and ICOM SEE committee at ICOM’s General Conference, which will take place in Prague in August 2022.

The annual cycle of Živa Award for the best Slavic museum and heritage site begins with the call for proposals. This year we published our eighth call and the FSK is looking forward to receiving at least as many applications as in previous years. Judges from 12 countries promote the award in their respective countries while offering information and assistance to participating museums. The application is free of charge.

Our international panel of judges is actively preparing also for the ICOM’s General Conference, which will take place in the Czech capital Prague in August this year. The FSK is preparing its presentation, scheduled for 22 August 2022, in cooperation with the regional alliance ICOM SEE. This will be the first such presentation of the FSK at the International Council of Museums General Conference, and it is bound to become an important milestone both for the FSK and our Živa Award.

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