Exhibition Challenges at the Piranova Colloquium

In the framework of Piranova – International Heritage Research Centre programme Forum of Slavic Cultures organised International Colloquium Piranova #4 titled Exhibition Challenges. The event featured lectures and presentation of the book Developing exhibitions as well as two workshops.

Ten professionals from eight countries took part in the online International Colloquium Piranova #4. This time, the total number of participants exceeded 30. Part one started with special guests, Massimo Negri and Dirk Houtgraaf, presenting their new book Developing Exhibitions: there is a method in this madness. After a lecture by Igor Maroević from the Croatian Typhlological Museum Iskren Velikov presented two examples from the Rousse Regional Museum of History. Maja Minoska Pavlovska from the Museum of Macedonian Struggle for Independence talked about her museum’s communication strategy during the pandemic and Virgil Ștefan Nițulescu from Romania gave a lecture on the challenges of putting on a new permanent exhibition. Rumyana Dencheva from the Open Air Ethnographic Museum Etar presented the exhibition Men’s Times.

Part two of the colloquium consisted of two workshops led by Rene Capovin and Elia Vlachou. The common thread revolved around the approaches to building both permanent and periodic exhibitions in museums, and their different aspects: internal and external human resources, content development in the context of space, digital production, purpose, financial resources and more).

Like for previous editions, FSK will prepare an evaluation analysis, which will serve as the basis for the next international colloquium scheduled for this April.

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