FSK relocation in full swing

International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures is moving to new premises in the renovated Villa Zlatica, the home of Ljubljana’s former mayor Ivan Hribar. The first periodic exhibition on show in the exhibition premises will be Ivan Hribar and the Slavic World. Villa Zlatica is expected to open its doors for visitors in May.

The villa, which will host the permanent exhibition display of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, will also accommodate the Forum of Slavic Cultures, which is to start operating in the new premises in April. These days, when the relocation to the new premises is in full swing, the setting up of Hribar’s library is also well under way. FSK will fill its original wooden glass-door cabinets with books from the One Hundred Slavic Novels collection. Also on show in the library will be Hribar’s desk and some other objects that have been preserved from his life.

Forum of Slavic Cultures will continue to deliver on its programmes while upgrading them in collaboration with the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. The villa with its garden serves as a unique venue for small-scale events. In addition to literary events featuring different authors and the library under the treetops the villa will host international expert meetings and training courses concerned with tangible and intangible heritage, diplomatic events and events for the general public.

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