This Year’s Slavic Garden Marked by the Sound of Poetry

For the second time in a row, the FSK was a partner of the Slavic Garden programme at the Pula Book Fair. At the poetry evening entitled My Goal is – Horizon, which took place outdoors, visitors were able to listen to the poetry of five poets from the Slavic world in the dramatization and interpretation of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

At the 26th Book Fair(y) in Istria, which was postponed from the winter term to the beginning of the summer and mostly took place outdoors, placed focus on poetry. The central event of the Slavic Garden programme, which was prepared for the second time by the Pula Fair and the FSK, was also dedicated to poetry. Actors of the Croatian National Theatre Ivana Boban, Luka Dragić, Slavko Juraga, Barbara Vicković and Silvio Vovk wowed the audience with interpretations of poems by Slavic poets Wisława Szymborska, Irena Vrkljan, Vladimir Visotsky, Srečko Kosovel, Czesław Miłosz, Vyacheslav Kupriyanov and Gennady Alekseev. The authors of the selection and dramatization, Monika Herceg and Mirna Rustemović, chose a title of the anthology by Vladimir Visotsky to name their poetic performance. At work, they were driven by the desire to bring together Slavic poets from different periods and discover what would happen if they found themselves in the same place and talked about life, love, small life issues, as well as major social problems.

Croatian translations from the 100 Slavic Novels series were also on sale at the book fair.

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