FSK supports sustainable development and circular economy

Forum of Slavic Cultures is aware of societal needs and promotes social responsibility. In line with their efforts towards sustainable development and circular economy they donated the furniture they no longer needed after moving to the new premises to Zavod Knof from Krško.

After they moved to Hribar’s Villa Zlatica it became clear that Forum of Slavic Cultures will not be able to use all of its furniture from the previous location in the new premises. In the spirit of environmental and social responsibility they published an ad, offering a donation of furniture (conference table, chairs, office cabinets and similar) to a society, organisation or institute in need of such equipment.

After careful consideration they decided to donate the furniture to Zavod Knof from Krško, an institute focused on sustainable development and circular economy. Knof circular lab is a testing ground for new circular business models where they test and design products and services aimed at reducing waste. Its members in Krško include Stara šola reuse boutique, reused furniture showroom, joinery, sewing and machine workshops as well as a coworking space. The latter will make good use of the furniture donated by Forum of Slavic Cultures, says director of Zavod Knof, Mojca Žganec Metelko.

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