FSK December Gifts

In December, as part of the “FSK donates” campaign, the FSK delighted libraries, its partners and friends in 6 Slavic countries with donations of books from the 100 Slavic Novels collection. The campaign started in Serbia in cooperation with Belgrade publisher Arhipelag. The FSK donated 28 books that have so far come out in the 100 Slavic Novels collection to 10 public libraries. The donation was very well received by all libraries and was widely covered also in Serbian media, which wrote, among other things: “At the Forum of Slavic Cultures, they are convinced that at the time of the pandemic crisis when our very existence, our cultural needs as well as our way of life and everyday communication are questioned, it is necessary to support public libraries as cultural points of safe and necessary contact.” In Northern Macedonia, the partner publishing house Slovo will ensure that the sets of 15 books in Macedonian will be received by libraries across the country, while in Croatia the Sandorf publishing house will delight its readers with titles from the 100 Slavic Novels collection in Croatian between Christmas and New Year. In Slovenia, the FSK has provided book awards for the readers of the City Library of Ljubljana who participated in the project of reading Slavic novels Around the Slavic World. The FSK will also give away books on its social networks until mid-January. The December campaign “FSK donates” continues in Russia and Slovakia.
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