A New Book at the Right Time

A new book in the 100 Slavic Novels, the 85th in a row has found its way to the bookshelves – Auschwitz Café by Dragan Radulović.

The 100 Slavic Novels series is richer for a new translation. The novel Auschwitz Café by Montenegrin writer Dragan Radulović is coming to the bookshelves. Within the 100 Slavic Novels collection, this is the first translation of the Montenegrin novel into Slovenian. The book, which the translator and author of the afterword Bogdan Gradišnik describes as a novel in half images, brings together various genres: science fiction, suspenseful crime fiction, medical thriller, pastiche, a cyber session, action adventure, political horror and even a pinch of a love novel. The novel comes at the right time, an individual in the totalitarian society of the future isn’t threatened only by human violence and desire for power but also by a fatal man-made virus.

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