Transformations of Slavic Heritage into Contemporary Designs

Transformations of Slavic Heritage into Contemporary Designs

Our new project, “Transformations: FROM traditional Slavic costumes TO Contemporary designs” premiered at the reception for foreign delegations in the framework of the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum.

The project led by the Forum of Slavic Cultures showcases characteristic elements of Slavic cultural heritage incorporated in unique collections that flirt with the esprit and specific sensibility of the young and middle generation of fashion designers.

The first stage of the project features creators from five Slavic countries: Nikolay Bozhilov from Bulgaria, Galina Boryukova and Nikolay Biryukov of the Russian Federation, Andrea Pojezdálová from Slovakia, Jelena Proković from Slovenia and Nevena Ivanović, Serbia. These transformations of the rich heritage of traditional elements from the designers’ cultural backgrounds in the contemporary cultural and global fashion context evolved into five original collections. They were presented for the first time at the stage of the VIII International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg.

Transformations of Slavic Heritage into Modern Creations

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