Heritage and the digital at this year’s Piranova

This year’s edition of the international four-day colloquium Piranova featured experts from Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, North Macedonia and Ukraine who explored good practices in digital technologies that facilitate museums in creating a participatory and inclusive museum experience.

The colloquium took place at the Herman Pečarič Gallery (Piran Coastal Galleries) with speakers from Slovenia: Dr. Kaja Antlej (Deakin University, Australia), Biba Tominc (Deakin University, Australia) and Peter Tomaž Dobrila (intermedia artist and producer), and recipients of FSK’s Živa Award 2022 for the best Slavic museum and heritage site, namely: Mihaela Kulej (director and senior curator of Virovitica Municipal Museum, Croatia), Robert Zydel (director of the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Poland), and Dr. Mira Gakjina (director and senior curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje). Special guests from Ukraine, Olha Honchar (director of the “Territory of Terror” Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes) and her colleague Maksym Davydenko, presented the practice of 2D and 3D scanning in heritage documentation during wartime.

The colloquium offered important insights and opened questions on the use of digital technologies, which will be further discussed at the 9th colloquium that is to take place in June 2023 in Ljubljana at the Forum of Slavic Cultures’ Villa Zlatica, the former home of Ljubljana’s revered mayor Ivan Hribar (1851–1941), which now serves as the Forum’s headquarters and a museum. One of the speakers will be Peter van Mensch, acknowledged Dutch scholar in the field of museology.

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