Živa 2023 Award ceremony in Bratislava in October

The 9th Živa Award ceremony, organized by the Forum of Slavic Cultures and the Slovak National Museum, will take place from October 2 to 6 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The event, held under the auspices of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, changes location each year throughout Europe, with past ceremonies held in Skopje/North Macedonia, Saint Petersburg/Russian Federation, Zadar/Croatia, Bled/Slovenia, Prague/Czech Republic, Bar/Montenegro, Belgrade/Serbia, and Brežice/Slovenia.

This year’s Živa Award received 24 institutional applications, with a remarkable 7 applications coming from museums in Ukraine. In addition to the award ceremony, the program will include a round table where nominated Ukrainian museums will have a chance to showcase their work, and discussions will be held regarding the current war situation faced by Ukrainian museological workers. The Cooperation agreement was signed by the director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures Dr. Andreja Rihter and the director of the Slovak National Museum, Branislav Panis, both long-time members of the Živa jury.

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