Villa Zlatica Hosts a Neighbourhood Meeting

A recent meeting for neighbours in Villa Zlatica was held in a pleasant atmosphere, listening to the stories of Rožna dolina, especially about Zlatica Hribar, the daughter of Ivan Hribar, whom many still remember. The German Ambassador to Slovenia, Natalie Kauther, and her husband also joined the meeting.

The settlement Rožna dolina was founded after the earthquake in 1895. At that time, many of Ljubljana’s oldest houses, which provided affordable housing for the working class, were destroyed. The Slovene Workers Building Association exhibited their solidarity by embarking on the construction of homes for their members. In addition to other projects, they developed the region stretching between the railway and the Večna pot, where numerous distinguished citizens of Ljubljana constructed their villas. Over the years, the Rožna dolina (Rose Valley) has become a green and pleasant neighbourhood, where representatives of various countries, including the United States, Italy, the UK, China, Germany, and Bulgaria, have chosen to live in diplomatic residences.

Dr. Andreja Rihter welcomed the gathered neighbors and expressed her sincere gratitude for the very warm welcome given to the revitalisation of Villa Zlatica, for which the International Foundation – Forum of Slavic Cultures is preparing the program from 2021. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for the residents of the Rožna dolina to strengthen their sense of community and deepen their appreciation for the remarkable history of their neighbourhood.

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