The project Transformations continues

The Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) remains committed to its ongoing project, “Transformations: FROM the Slavic Clothing Tradition TO Contemporary Designs”, as the initiative continues to gain momentum. In a recent development, talented designers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro had their collections captured through a photoshoot held in May 2023. In September we are planning a comprehensive presentation of the project at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade.

The collections draw inspiration from the rich Slavic heritage, which is deeply embedded in the homeland of each designer. Dragan Hristov from North Macedonia presents “The Forest,” a collection paying homage to the profound reverence Slavic people held for nature. Hristov’s captivating garments, categorized as fibre art, skillfully manipulated natural fibers to achieve a contemporary aesthetic. Denisa Dovalová, hailing from the Czech Republic, derived her collection titled “Slavic Goddesses” from the deities who once served as the muse for Slavic culture before the advent of Christianity. Morana, Mokosh, Dodola, Živa, and Lada are transformed and updated for the present day. Drawing inspiration from the spring goddess Vesna, Montenegrin designer Ivana Murišić created the collection “Freedom,” symbolizing the arrival of happiness and joy. Polish designer Kinga Krol’s collection, “DZIWOŻONA,” found fascination in the concept of an iconic figure embodying the spirit of a wild woman. Last but not least, Jelena Holec, a designer from Croatia, derived inspiration from the customs, religion, and vibrant life along the Sava River’s Croatian central region, known as Posavina. Her collection titled “Ornamentation” showcases richly pleated garments in striking red and white hues. Her designs incorporated new digital prints, featuring geometric and floral patterns reminiscent of the region’s traditional garment embroidery.

These five new collections complement the initial five created for the FSK by fashion designers from Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.

The project’s overall presentation will take the form of an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade. The eagerly awaited exhibition is scheduled to commence in September 2023, with the grand opening ceremony set to take place on September 6. Visitors can anticipate an immersive experience celebrating the fusion of Slavic clothing traditions with contemporary fashion creations.

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