International Golden Museological Programme at Villa Zlatica

Join the International Foundation, the Forum of Slavic Cultures, at Vila Zlatica in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for an event focused on “Museum Connections as Spaces of Trust.” This gathering is tailored for directors, managers, experts, and award-winning/nominated museums for the Živa award. 

Topic seminar: Connections and Museums facing a crises with appreciated speakers Léontine Meijer – van Mensch and Peter van Mensch!

The topic Connections and Museums facing crises highlights the current crises issues in contemporary society and links them with the activities of museums. The workshop shows how museums confront global problems (environmental issues, natural disasters, emergencies, and different social problems) and how they contribute to overcoming and solving them. The program also analyses different ethical challenges and questions – especially in the process of restitution and repatriation of museum objects and collections, confrontation with difficult and contested heritage, impacts of mass tourism on heritage, and others.

By highlighting such issues, the workshop underlines the museum’s innovative and active approaches, presents innovative work, and shows successful solutions in uncertain situations and new working models.  

We pay special attention to the presentation of good practices of FSK museums.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with professionals and explore the transformative power of museums!

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