Villa Zlatica Again This Year Part of the Open House Slovenia Festival

The Forum of Slavic Cultures, based in the renovated Villa Zlatica, has accepted the invitation to join the programme of the Open House Slovenia festival for the second time in a row. They delighted many visitors with a free tour of the renovated home of former Ljubljana Mayor Ivan Hribar.

This year was the 13th consecutive year of the Open Houses of Slovenia festival and the second time that the FSK opened the door of Villa Zlatica, where this international foundation has been based since May 2021.

Once again, there was a great response to the free guided visit to the home of former Ljubljana Mayor Ivan Hribar, which also offers an insight into the life of a Slovenian bourgeois family at the beginning of the 20thcentury. In addition to the permanent exhibition, visitors were also able to see the temporary exhibition, which tells the story of Hribar’s 19th century idea of Slavdom and the contemporary mission of the FSK as an international foundation in the 21st century. It also shows the paths that Hribar walked, learning about the differences and similarities between the Slavic peoples.

“The Open Houses of Slovenia festival is a simple and effective concept that offers the general public free tours of excellent architecture and spatial arrangements and invites everyone to explore and understand the values of a well-designed space,” the organisers wrote about the festival.

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