The Fifth International Colloquium Piranova

In the framework of Piranova – International Heritage Research Centre programme the Forum of Slavic Cultures in collaboration with the European Museum Academy organised the fifth international colloquium. Experts from seven countries discussed the triumph of the digital. Two online workshops also took place in the framework of the colloquium.

In their lectures, experts from seven countries participating in the international colloquium Piranova entitled “Triumph of the Digital?” gave concrete examples of their experience with the digital shift in the recent period. Margaret McCool from the University of Glasgow and Henrik Zipsane, Director of the European Museum Academy, gave a lecture on digital heaven and hell, also from the theoretical aspect.

Ivana Rastović from the Gallery of Matica Srpska from Serbia presented good practices of museums as safe places, Alenka Černelič Krošelj and Andreja Matijevc from the Posavje Museum Brežice from Slovenia presented examples of digital communication and its reach, Slađana Velendečić and Aleksandra Stefanov from the Museum of Vojvodina introduced their museum’s novelty – the adventures of the museum mouse Harlampije and various forms of communication it offers, while Tihomir Tcarov from the Open Air Ethnographic Museum Etar, Bulgaria, stressed that real-life visitors can never be replaced with virtual ones.

The second part of the colloquium consisted of two workshops. The first, led by Karl B. Murr, Chairman of the European Museum Academy and Director of the Augsburg textile and industry museum, focused on the participatory museum as a model for the future. The second workshop on multicultural participation was led by Dietmar Osses, Director of the Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Heritage.

The sixth international colloquium Piranova is planned for October this year. If the circumstances allow, the participants will once again meet in person, in Slovenia.

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