The “LIVING VILLA” cycle comes alive

To mark 18 May, the International Museum Day, the Forum of Slavic Cultures prepared the first in the series of events in the “ŽIVA VILA” (LIVING VILLA) cycle, which took place in Hribar’s Villa Zlatica.

Having moved to its new premises in Hribar’s Villa Zlatica, the Forum of Slavic Cultures designed a new cycle of events under the common name “LIVING VILLA”. The first in the series of events took place on the International Museum Day. Visitors were taken on a guided tour through time from then to now.

Jerneja Batič, head of the Villa Zlatica renovation project at the City of Ljubljana, Marija Ana Kranjc, appointed conservation expert, and Darja Pergovnik, conservation expert responsible for landscaping, both from the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Regional Unit Ljubljana, revealed how the renovation took place, what its biggest challenges were and how they succeeded in preserving the spirit of Hribar’s time for the present. With restored builders’ joinery, parquet floor, tiled stoves, most wall paintings and garden with a shed the villa offers an insight into the life of bourgeoisie at the time as well as life in Rožna Dolina. Restored Zlatica Hribar’s objects on the other hand allow us to peek into the life of one of Ljubljana’s greatest mayors.

To make sure that the villa really comes alive, the Forum of Slavic Cultures, alongside the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, the villa’s manager, prepared a cycle of events called “LIVING VILLA”. The successful beginning will be followed by other events in the series.

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