Record number of nominees for the ŽIVA 2022 Award

A record number of 34 museums from ten Slavic countries have applied for the ŽIVA Award 2022 for the Best Museum and the Best Heritage Site in the Slavic Countries. All applications have been shorttlisted by a special jury.

After the Forum of Slavic Cultures launched a new call for proposals for the ŽIVA Award at the end of 2021, a record number of applications were received during the call period. 34 candidates applied for the best museum and the best heritage site in Slavic countries, the highest number of applications came from Serbia (6) and Slovenia (5). The FSK is convinced that this is proof that the award has established itself among Slavic museums and that it is enables museums to position themselves more prominently on a European and global level. The repeated applications further demonstrate this. This time there are 11 “returnees”, including  two museums (both from Poland) that have won the Živa Award for the best Slavic museum.

Following the receipt of applications, the annual project cycle continued with the review and evaluation of the application dossiers. The Živa Award judges held a working meeting and decided to nominate all the museums that had applied for the award. As was the practice before the Covid epidemic, the museums will be visited in person in September and October. On the basis of the visits, the jury will decide who are this year’s winners of the two main awards and the special recognitions.

The 8th edition of the Živa Award with an international conference will take place in Brežice, Slovenia, from 16 to 19 November 2022, in cooperation with the Posavje Museum Brežice.

The FSK has been bestowing the Živa Award since 2014, and the Award has connected 170 museums from 13 Slavic countries in eight award cycles.

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