Presentation of the Women Writers Route at the Council of Europe

The Women Writers Cultural and Tourism Route was presented at the meeting of the Governing Board of the Council of Europe’s Extended Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes, which will take the final decision on the award of the Council of Europe Cultural Route certificates to this year’s candidates in the coming weeks.

The Women Writers Route is one of the six candidates for the new Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, presented at the European Cultural Institute’s headquarters in Luxembourg. If the decision is positive, the route, which is being developed and networked on the initiative and under the leadership of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, will be the first of the routes to be based in Slovenia. Various Slovenian institutions are currently members of nine different European cultural routes that have been certified in the past.

The Women Writers’ Route is dedicated to women authors from the early 20th century. It aims to connect the works and lives of European women writers and present them to the public through dynamic and inspiring activities, while deepening professional, cultural and tourist research on women’s literature, as well as on the locations and life stories that have contributed greatly to shaping European values and present societies.

There are 45 cultural routes in Europe so far. Their main purpose is to promote Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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