Open Call for Submissions: Heritage in Motion Returns!

Heritage in Motion, the prestigious award that recognizes innovative multimedia and audiovisual projects that promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, returns. The deadline for submitting projects is 1 June 2024.

The Heritage in Motion Award was founded in 2012 by the joint initiative of the European Museum Academy and Europa Nostra. Since the beginning of 2023, the project is managed jointly by EMA and the International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures. 

Participants will compete for prizes in four categories:

  • New Digital Experiences
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Heritage Audiovisuals
  • Heritage Schools

The New Digital Experiences category will include projects focusing on immersive environments, multimedia installations and interactive spaces, and the Virtual and Augmented Reality category will include VR/AR as a tool for exploring museum repositories. The category Heritage Audiovisuals includes films, videos, documentaries, fiction films and animations on the topic of world/museum cultural heritage, while the category Heritage Schools is dedicated to films for young people, also on the topic of world/museum cultural heritage.

Heritage in Motion provides a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and innovation in promoting, researching, and protecting Europe’s cultural heritage through multimedia and audiovisual projects. We are eagerly anticipating the multimedia and audiovisual projects that will be evaluated by our international expert jury.

More information available at 

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