Call for the 15th International Summer School of Museology is out!

This year’s International Summer School of Museology that will take place in Koper, Slovenia, from 27 to 30 May, focuses on the climate change with the special emphasis on relations to museums and cultural heritage.

Title: Museum and Green Transformations

Climate change and global warming are reality and we all facing significant environmental problems. Natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes… have catastrophic consequences on our planet and life and we are witnesses of loss of biodiversity, loss of property, damaged cultural heritage. Programme will raise questions what influences and consequences climate change has on cultural heritage and how heritage – tangible and intangible, could help to overcoming the critical situation. How can traditional knowledge and practices concerning nature and universe teach us respectful relationship to Nature to rise new prospective of life and new values? And how can museum contribute to the debate about climate crisis?

The content offers theoretical lectures about this topic and gives an overview of possible climate activism in museums, present examples of educational tools and innovative projects in this field. We will present practical issues, but at the same time will bring a critical points of view.

Special guests: Andreja Hribernik, Massimo Negri and Henrik Zipsane! Abstracts of their lectures are published in a call!

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