Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in Villa Zlatica

With the aim of enriching the programme activities in Villa Zlatica and developing new audiences, the Forum of Slavic Cultures has teamed up with the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. The theatre presented itself for the first time in the garden of the Villa Ivan Hribar, the former Mayor of Ljubljana,  with two sold-out performances of Sapramouse.

Hribar’s Villa Zlatica, with its magical garden almost in the centre of Ljubljana, is establishing itself as a new cultural venue. Activities of the Forum of Slavic Cultures in the capital of Slovenia are richer for open-air events. At the same time, new audiences are developed, including the general public and families with young children. The latter were the target audience for the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre’s performance Sapramouse. “In recent years, due to the constraints that have limited our activities, the theatre has become more actively involved in various open-air venues that allow for more relaxed interaction with the audience. One of the most important principles of cultural activity is accessibility, and outdoor venues are ideal for this purpose. They allow us to connect with audiences that we have not yet been able to attract to theatres, and who may be coming into contact with theatre art for the first time. Each of the outdoor venues we have developed in the meantime has its own charm and special features, and the garden of Hribar’s Villa Zlatica is no exception. It stands out because it is still unknown and therefore exciting, it is another of the invaluable green oases of our capital,” said Uroš Korenčan, Director of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, about their first appearance in the Villa and the two sold-out performances, adding that the cooperation with the Forum of Slavic Cultures brings the theatre the added value of a wider networking and as such it will be important in the future as well.

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