First Slovenian-Russian Cultural Forum Promises a Boost in Cooperation

First Slovenian-Russian Cultural Forum Promises a Boost in Cooperation
The first Slovenian-Russian Cultural Forum, one of the most important events within cultural seasons 2017-2018, came to a close with a strategic session where the Slovenian and Russian sides adopted common conclusions. They are related to the common goal of enhancing the cooperation of Slovenian and Russian cultural institutions.

Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia Anton Peršak pointed out that this forum was to promote the tradition of mutual cooperation in the field of culture and establish new ties among various cultural institutions from both countries. He saluted the so-far exchange in the framework of the season of Slovenian culture in the Russian Federation and Russian culture in the Republic of Slovenia in 2017 and 2018. At the same time, he regretted the fact that the wishes to present Slovenian culture in the Russian Federation greatly exceed the financial capacity.

In her address, Alla Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and the leader of the more than 30-member strong Russian delegation, pointed out: “Culture opens borders and functions in a positive context. The main intention of this kind of Forum is that we help each other and strengthen the cooperation.” She promised the support for projects and events that are in the interest of both nations. The Russian federation supports the activities of the International Foundation – Forum of Slavic Cultures with its seat in Ljubljana, which should also in the future remain the central platform for collecting the wishes and proposals for intercultural exchange. The Forum of Slavic Cultures has been building bridges between countries, cultural institutions and experts for fourteen years now.

Six sections (theatre and music, museums and galleries, film, cultural heritage, libraries and regional culture and cultural tourism) brought together more than 80 Slovenian and Russian representatives, among them directors of cultural institutions, local communities, ministries, representatives of regional authorities of the Russian federation. In each section they gathered the concrete proposals for cooperation with emphasis on the exchange of exhibitions, film materials, theatre and other performances. They highlighted the popularization of heritage in both countries and expressed interest for exchange of knowledge and experts in the field of restoration and conservation.

First Slovenian-Russian Cultural Forum

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