The new Covid-19 coronavirus disease has severely affected the art and cultural sectors, and especially the heritage field. Cultural venues are closed, performances, festivals canceled, museum exhibitions are deserted …

Our mission is therefore very lively and present. Let’s step together, let’s communicate and be responsive!

Cultural institutions are working hard to maintain activities so that people do not feel completely isolated.

On the other hand, cultural professionals and practitioners, who are often in a precarious position (self-employed), have found themselves in a very difficult situation, as they are likely to run out of income for several months.

The Forum of Slavic therefore appeals to its members and their ministries of culture to adopt appropriate measures and take specific steps to address their problems.

There are certainly unenviable times ahead of culture and heritage, but at the FSC we believe more than ever in our connection, cooperation, respect for others and different. Together we are stronger and we will overcome the crisis with joint efforts. We believe that this summer there will be a time for reflection, we will take a pause, take certain measures for sustainable development. We shall decide which countries are our destinations, which are the ones we want to visit; or we will get organized and focus more on our neighbours. We shall reflect on collective and individual efforts for our community, etc.

Now is a perfect time to embark, safely sheltered at home, on a journey across Slavic literary landscapes where the 100 Slavic Novels series lead us in seven Slavic languages.

Now is also a perfect time to find stories in museums that may be similar to our current situation, where individuals, heroes or ordinary people came together, helped, and took care for fellow human beings…

It is also a good time to reflect on the role and mission of museums. About the definition of these institutions, their way of functioning in the changed situation, which must be such that they do not lose the great confidence they enjoy according to researches. Questions arise about what museums can offer now that their doors are closed for visitors. We are convinced that there are many solutions that your institutions are virtually even closer to people and that your activities are already writing a new definition of museums, which ICOM so reasonably put off last year.

Dear friends, we are looking forward to your initiatives, ideas, everything you would like to share with us. Send us texts (language doesn’t matter), photos, links…

Let’s build bridges between us and overcome our hardships together!

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