Živa 2020 Award Cycle Continues

The epidemiological situation this spring prevented the judges for the 7th Živa Award to visit the nominated museums in person, forcing them once again to meet online instead. They found the museums in 11 Slavic countries well prepared.

Just like in spring 2020 COVID-19 restrictions once again stopped the Živa Award judges from visiting the museums running for the best Slavic museum and heritage site awards. Between April and June our 13 judges thus made virtual visits to the museums. They started by preparing a protocol for the visits to 20 nominated museums from 11 countries and talked to museum representatives about the process and potential difficulties before their online ZOOM sessions took place. The judges found the nominated museums well prepared for the virtual tours.

Having seen the museums the judges prepared their reports and met online in mid-July. Together they discussed what they have seen and the awards to be conferred on the best museums for their work. The award ceremony for the main Živa awards and five special recognitions with the conference will take place in January 2022 in Serbia.

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