Transformations with new collections … coming soon

The Transformations project is soon to be complemented with new collections by fashion designers from five Slavic countries. Just like the first five the new collections will be inspired by Slavic cultural heritage.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures continues its project Transformations: FROM the Slavic Clothing Tradition TO Modern Creations. Come spring it will be augmented with five new collections by fashion designers from five Slavic countries, namely Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

“Slavic cultural heritage is rich and diverse in its forms, details, techniques of weaving,  embroidery, patterns, applications and tailoring, but it also features many similarities and elements that come up time and again, complement and interact with each other,” said Stanka Vauda Benčič, costume, clothes and textile designer as well as coordinator of the Transformations project, adding that all this can already be seen in the sketches and is reflected also in the outlines of new collections that are currently in the making. Kinga Krol from Poland called her collection Dziwożona, Denisa Dovalova from the Czech Republic is submitting collection Slavic Goddesses, Dragan Hristov of North Macedonia is working on his collection The Forest and Jelena Holec from Croatia on the collection Ornamentation. The fifth designer, Ivana P. Murišić comes from Montenegro with the collection titled Freedom. The collections, which are currently in the making, will be an important contribution to the project, complementing the first five that have been created for the FSK by fashion designers from Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

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