Krleža at Villa Zlatica!

It was exactly one hundred years ago, in 1922, that Croatian novelist, playwright and poet Miroslav Krleža wrote the second part of his Glembay trilogy – In agony. The wounds of World War I had not yet healed and the old social orders were crumbling. A hundred years later we find ourselves in a similar predicament: fundamental social structures are changing irreversibly as age-old existential questions remain equally relevant.

How does a global crisis concentrate in a single room, a salon of a bourgeois villa? Which forces come to play then to shape an individual and society? How does one endure and overcome them? Where is the place for culture here, and for art?

These are the questions that an exceptional team of collaborators including Polona Juh, Saša Tabaković, Boris Mihalj, Nina Šorak and many others will tackle at the salon of Villa Zlatica in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana, the home of the Forum of Slavic Cultures. The outcome is anticipated on February 19 2023 with the premiere of the theatre play In Agony in the form of a kammerspiel (chamber play) co-produced by Društvo Dveh and the Forum of Slavic Cultures.

When one’s bare existence is confronted with unforeseen and catastrophic circumstances it’s not easy to think of others. That’s why we need theatre.

Premiere: February 19 at 7 p.m
First repetition: February 26 at 7 p.m., further repetitions every Sunday in March 2023

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 23 euros

Please send reservations to or call +386 (0) 40 835 775.

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