Exhibition catalogue Ivan Hribar and the Bourgeoisie of Ljubljana is out

Taking over as mayor allowed me to enact my principles.” Ivan Hribar

The home of Ljubljana’s revered mayor Ivan Hribar (1851-1941), the renovated Villa Zlatica in Rožna Dolina, today offers visitors a glimpse at the life of one of Ljubljana’s most popular mayors and in turn also an encounter with the housing culture of a Slovenian bourgeois family at the beginning of the 20th century.

Two years after the opening of the exhibition we are finally happy to announce the publication of the accompanying catalogue by Dr Irena Žmuc, the author of the permanent exhibition at Villa Zlatica. The catalogue brings an overview of the construction and renovation of the Hribar family house into a villa, introduces the reader to Ivan Hribar’s life stations, and sums up the life of Hribar’s daughter Zlatica Hribar, who donated the family villa to the city of Ljubljana after her death. The next section of the catalogue brings an inventory and photographs of all objects and rooms of the bourgeois villa: the vestibule, staircases, the library, the reception room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the white bedroom, the attic, and the shelter.

Publisher: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Editor: Dr Irena Žmuc
Design: Bojan Lazarevič, Agora Proars
Photographs: Andrej Peunik, Matevž Paternoster, Blaž Gutman
Ljubljana, 2022

Price: EUR 27
Number of pages: 215
Language: Slovenian, English

The catalog can be ordered at info@fsk.si.

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