FSK Meeting with Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and “Etar” Museum Representatives

The Forum of Slavic Cultures is actively engaged in its 2024 activities. In August, director Andreja Rihter held a work meeting with officials from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Regional ethnographic open-air museum “Etar.” The primary purpose of this meeting was to enhance collaboration and discuss the upcoming Živa 2024 award ceremony.

During the meeting with Deputy Minister arch. Chavdar Georgiev, Head of the “International Activities” Department Petar Miladinov, and Director of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Visual Arts Ekaterina Djoumalieva, the focus was on exploring opportunities to enhance collaboration between the Forum of Slavic Cultures and the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, particularly in the realms of literature, cultural heritage, and museums. The Ministry actively supports its country’s involvement in the Forum of Slavic Cultures network, with Ekaterina Djumalieva serving as both a representative and a long-standing judge of the Živa award.

In 2024, Bulgaria is set to host a significant international event within the realm of Slavic museums – the Živa award ceremony, celebrating its tenth year of existence. Andreja Rihter and Ekaterina Djumalieva made a visit to Gabrovo to assess the project’s feasibility. The Mayor of Gabrovo, Tanya Hristova, enthusiastically embraces this initiative. The “Etar” museum, under the leadership of Svetla Dimitrova, is coordinating the event from the Bulgarian side. The museum will serve as the venue for the conference, while the award ceremony will be held in the city of Gabrovo.

The open-air museum, honored with the Živa 2020 award as the finest natural and cultural landmark, stands as a remarkable regional, if not national treasure. Apart from its commitment to preserving architectural and traditional ethnographic heritage, it actively fosters cultural tourism and creative industries. This dedication is exemplified by KEVIS, a creativity festival that blends nature and kinetic art. Organized by the Center for Informal Education at the “Etar” Museum, the event is a collaborative effort involving partners such as the Department of Visual Arts at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski in Sofia and the Art in Action Association.

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