Fabula Festival with Ana Marwan in the garden of Villa Zlatica

As part of this year’s Fabula Festival, the first public event, a literary evening with Ana Marwan, took place in the garden of Villa Zlatica. With this, the Forum of Slavic Cultures which is housed in Villa Zlatica, is joining Ljubljana venues for outdoor events.

First, a walk through the city streets of Ljubljana with the guide Pia Skušek entitled Ljubljana Women of Letters Walking Tour and discovering of the lives and literature of Slovenian women writers. Then, a talk with a modern multilingual author Ana Marwan in the garden of Villa Zlatica.

At the literary evening, at the same time the first public event in the garden of the villa of the former mayor of Ljubljana Ivan Hribar, Marwan presented her second novel, Zabubljena. The evening began and concluded with the performance of guitarist Katja Porovne Silič.

The freshness of the green carpet at the backdrop of surrounding villas proved to be an excellent new venue for such or similar outdoor events in Ljubljana. The FSK is looking forward to more such events (in cooperation with various partners) to come.

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