DOKUDOC at Villa Zlatica

In 2023, the Forum of Slavic Cultures expands its horizons by embracing the realm of cinema. We have established a collaboration with the DOKUDOC International Documentary Film Festival, which is scheduled to host its 12th festival edition 14 – 17 September in Maribor, Slovenia.

The evening on 30 June at Villa Zlatica’s garden commenced with opening remarks from FSK’s director, Dr. Andreja Rihter, and film director Petra Seliškar, former president of the ‘Dokumentaristi’ section of the Directors Guild of Slovenia, founder of the renowned international documentary film festival Makedox, expert collaborator of the DOKUDOC festival and mentor of the documentary laboratory Dokumentarnica, which takes place in Maribor, Slovenia, during the DOKUDOC festival.

Under the initiative and shared ambition to enhance the cinematic offerings at Villa Zlatica, a promising partnership emerged between the esteemed DOKUDOC festival and FSK. This collaboration aims to expand the reach of the DOKUDOC festival across the countries within FSK’s network. Dr. Rihter expressed that this exciting venture adds substantial value to FSK’s already diverse range of programs and activities. Additionally, she encouraged interested individuals to submit their applications for the Heritage in Motion tender, which includes DOKUDOC festival director Maja Malus Azhdari as a member of the jury.

Following the screening of the film A World Beneath a Dark Lid, an engaging conversation unfolded, featuring the screenwriter and director, Amir Muratović, the screenwriter, director of photography, and producer, Rado Likon, along with the film’s main protagonist, Matevž Lenarčič. Led by Petra Seliškar, the discussion shed light on the challenges faced during the film’s seven-year production process, as well as the artistic decisions made during filming. It was emphasized that a significant portion of the documentary’s journey takes place during the editing phase, where intense battles are fought over what to include and exclude. While viewers may be unaware of this process, the filmmakers recognize its significance and enduring impact.

Continuing our collaborative efforts in September 2023, we are delighted to present the screening of Century of Dreams, directed by Ven Jemeršić.




A World Beneath a Dark Lid, directed by Amir Muratović
88 min, 2022, Slovenia

On his journeys around the world in his ultralight aircraft, the aviator, photographer, mountain climber, biologist and environmentalist Matevž Lenarčič collects data about black carbon, the second largest forcing agent underlying global warming. His unusual, at times extreme worldviews send an urgent message: unless the values of our civilization change, our world faces devastation.


A Century of Dreams, directed by Ven Jemeršić
87 min, 2019, Slovenia

A Century of Dreams is a feature documentary about the oldest Slovenian inventor, Peter Florjančič, who has recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the film, the controversial innovator gives a first-hand account of, in his own words, life as thrilling as Hitchcock’s films. Florjančič considers himself a hedonist whose inventions have given him a luxurious and exciting life.

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