At the Table with the Slavs received Gourmand’s Best of the Best award

Every year, Gourmand confers international awards for the best cookbooks on food and drink culture and upon its 25thanniversary they conferred the Best of the Best 25 awards. One of the recipients was also Janez Bogataj with his book At the Table with the Slavs. The book was published in Slovenian and English languages by the Forum of Slavic Cultures.

Having received the prestigious Gourmand Award for the best cookbook in Eastern Europe in 2016, At the Table with the Slavs won a place among the best cookbooks in the 25-year history of this unique international award. The jubilee Gourmand Award – Best of the Best in 25 years was conferred on Andreja Rihter, FSK Director, and the author, Janez Bogataj, in Paris by Edouard Cointreau, founder of the Gourmand Award, which has been honouring the best cookbooks every year since 1995.

On this occasion, Ms Rihter expressed her delight that the book At the Table with the Slavs still stands out, not only with its design, but also its contents, as it remains the only world monograph on Slavic cuisines. At the same time it has evolved into more than just a book – it is a project that involves an exhibition, tastings of recipes from the book and collaborations with different stakeholders, including schools, faculties, diplomats, book fairs…

“In 25 years we have built a big Gourmand family. We have connected authors, publishers, photographers and numerous other actors involved in creating food and drink books. Our international reach, annual meetings and the soul that radiates from the books that receive the Gourmand Award is what matters,” said the founder of the Gourmand Award, Edouard Cointreau, upon its 25th anniversary.

Janez Bogataj received another Best of the Best 25 Award for his book Sausage Masterpieces from Slovenia.

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