100 Slavic Novels in Belgrade – more than books, an exhibition too

100 Slavic Novels in Belgrade – more than books, an exhibition too

This year again, the Forum of Slavic Cultures presented its work at the Belgrade Book Fair. Numerous visitors were drawn not only by the books from the 100 Slavic Novels collection, which really stand out with their visual design, but even more so by the exhibition of the same name.

The International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures attended the Belgrade Book Fair, once again showcasing the collection 100 Slavic Novels. This was the 63rd edition of one of the most popular book fairs in the region, both among the general public and among writers, publishers and artists. Serbian publisher Arhipelag contributed as many as 24 translations to the 100 Slavic Novels collection, which has so far seen the publication of 68 novels. These and many other novels in different Slavic languages were presented at the fair. At the same time, the Forum put up an exhibition on 100 Slavic Novels, presenting in words and pictures the life and work of 108 contemporary novelists from 9 Slavic countries.

So far, the exhibition has visited Paris, Ljubljana, Radlje ob Dravi, Sankt Petersburg, Moscow and Vienna. It will continue its journey from Belgrade to the Slovak capital Bratislava, with the opening ceremony taking place on 6 November at the University Library.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures and partners continue to publish and translate novels, thus promoting the best contemporary Slavic novelists and contributing to stronger reading culture. Various other activities are aimed at promoting the collection, novels, authors and translations not only in professional circles, but also in the wider public.

100 Slavic Novels in Belgrade

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