Prešeren Day in Villa Zlatica

Once again in Villa Zlatica was lively. On the occasion of the Slovenian Cultural Day, we opened the doors of the villa free of charge and introduced visitors to Hribar’s former home, reminding them in particular of the Mayor’s poetic exploits and his admiration for Prešeren.

On the last Saturday in January, we walked the streets of Ljubljana again with twelve visitors and learned how much Hribar’s mayoralty influenced their development. But it was lively especially on 8 February, the Slovenian Cultural day. Like other Slovenian cultural institutions, Villa Zlatica opened its doors for free on this day. On that day, 29 visitors visited Hribar’s home and were guided through the beautiful rooms of the bourgeois villa, carefully explaining its story and the role of the former mayor, Ivan Hribar. Mayor himself was a great admirer of the works of the poet France Prešeren since his student days, so naturally the poetic exploits of Hribar and his admiration for the poet Prešeren were duscussed as well.

Photo: Primož Kolenc

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