On Connections and Museums Facing Crises in Villa Zlatica

First seminar of the International Golden Museological Programme Villa Zlatica with the title Connections and Museums facing Crises, which took place between 22 to 24 October in Villa Zlatica, Ljubljana, was focused on current crisis issues and their connections with the museum’s theory and practises. The main goal of the programme was to open the broad discourse about the role and missions of museum institutions in this unstable, critical and difficult time.

The lecturers thematised this pivotal issue and reaffirmed that museums are important social and trusted institutions that play an important role in safeguarding heritage and shaping and creating a better future. The programme featured: renowned keynote speakers Peter van Mensch and Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, who visited Slovenia after several years, Andreja Rihter (Slovenia), Tina Palaić (Slovenia), Lidija Nikočević (Croatia), Pavel Douša (Czech Republic), Neda Knežević (Serbia), Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski (Serbia), and Meri Stojanova (North Macedonia).

First seminar of the Golden Museological Programme with the topic Connections and Museums Facing Crises confirmed the importance of opening and analysing discourses on critical and difficult times from the perspective of heritage and museums, so the Golden Museological Programme of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, will continue to follow this topic also in the coming years.

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