The Heritage in Motion Award recognises innovative multimedia and audiovisual projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections. 

Heritage in Motion 2023

New developments in multimedia technology and the importance of audiovisual expressions capture a vital role in making cultural heritage accessible to European citizens. The Heritage in Motion Award celebrates unique audiovisual projects and the most innovative European projects in this field. 

The Heritage in Motion Award was founded in 2012 by the joint initiative of the European Museum Academy and Europa Nostra. The Award has a lasting tradition of celebrating the best examples of innovative multimedia and digital projects on cultural heritage in Europe. The first edition was held in 2014, and since the beginning of 2023, the project is managed jointly by EMA and the International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures. This year, Mitra – the association for the development of audiovisual culture and intercultural dialogue also joined the team as an expert festival developer. 

Participants compete for prizes in the following four categories:

  • New digital experiences

With a focus on 1. the opportunities given by the new technologies to promote the cultural heritage; 2. the experiential dimension as the distinctive feature of museums, historical places, and cultural heritage sites (for example immersive environments, multimedia installations, interactive spaces) 

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

A new tool for the interpretation, study, promotion, and audience development of heritage sites and cultural institutions (for instance: VR/AR as a tool to explore the museums’ repositories).

  • Heritage audiovisuals

Film, Video, Documentary, Fiction, Animation with a focus on audiovisual production on the topics of world/museum cultural heritage 

  • Heritage schools 

Youth, Schools, Students, Academy with a focus on movies made by youth on the topic of world/museum cultural heritage 
High school (15 to 18) 
Student (19 to 25)



Erik Hogenboom


Former editor in chief at the Diversity Department of Dutch public broadcaster NTR

Amilcar Vargas


PhD in Society and Culture, recipient of the Best Achievement Award at the Heritage in Motion Awards 2021

Erik Hogenboom
worked as editor in chief at the Diversity Department of Dutch public broadcaster NTR. He coordinated several documentary series, magazines and talk shows focusing on diversity themes in the Dutch multicultural society. From 2001 – 2021 he was Executive Producer for the Eurovision Intercultural and Diversity Group (EBU), coordinating several international co-productions, f.e. City Folk and Free Spirits. From 1999 till 2021 he was coordinator and chairman of the jury of the Prix Europa IRIS, the European media award that aims to stimulate European programme makers to devote their attention to the ethnic diversity aspect of societies. Before his work as editor in chief at NTR, Erik worked for many years as a (freelance) journalist and director of radio and TV-programmes for several Dutch public

Amilcar Vargas
PhD in Society and Culture and MA in Cultural Management and Museology is World Heritage Manager at Casa Batlló in Barcelona. His aim is to implement the World Heritage Convention in the monument, raising awareness of its Outstanding Universal Value and adopting the SDGs on this multi-awarded site. His 20-year experience in World Heritage includes institutions as UNESCO and Sorbonne-University, lectures and conferences in over 15 countries and over a dozen publications on the cultural field. His experience in award nominations has made Casa Batlló won of over 25 international prizes, including the Best Achievement Award of the Heritage in Motion Awards 2021.

Maja Malus Azhdari
sociologist, director, producer, film selector for International Documentary Film Festival Dokudoc (12 years), DokGodek Slovenian Film Database (2 years), Film in Minoriti at Puppet Theatre Maribor (4 seasons). Since 2019 she is an active member of consortium Film in Maribor that are developing city cinema in Maribor. She was director of public institution Youth Cultural Centre Maribor (2015-2020) and she is president of non governmental organisation Mitra, association for development of audiovisual culture and intercultural dialog.

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